Our Solidarity against repression!

Uniformed officers with loaded weapons raided three anti-fascist’s apartment in Mannheim on Oct. 8th 2013 at 6 A.M. This barefaced action is only surpassed by the constructed suspicions used to justify the drastic measure. Roommates were humiliated, DNA was taken from the accused and they were lead to patrol cars in handcuffs. These raids are not isolated cases in Mannheim, they line up with multiple cases of repression against left wing groups, not only in Baden-Württemberg but all over Germany. A comrade was taken in custody while police officers were searching through her apartment in Stuttgart on Okt 3rd. This served the sole purpose of criminalizing the protest against the Einheitsfeierlichkeiten. Another example is undercover investigator Simon Bromma who tried to infiltrate the anti-fascist scene in Heidelberg. SPD and Grüne promised clearance in their election campaign but ever since they became part of the government the documents remain locked away. Nazi demonstrations are supported, while anti-fascist are grounded by the police. While the government shows no inhibitions in prosecuting leftist activists, they seem to turn a blind eye to far-right activities. This is visible, when looking at the “clearance” of the NSU-complex. The government seems to be focusing on covering things up and obstructing justice and many crimes committed by neo nazis are not prosecuted. This climate creates an opportunity for neo nazis to arm themselves or even build bombs, as happened in Göppingen and Freiburg. Governmental repression against anti-fascists trivializes fascist’s homicidal racism against anti-fascists, immigrants and refugees. The police ignores the racist mob, much like they did in Rostock-Lichtenhagen 20 years ago. Refugees especially suffer from criminalization and governmental repression in many ways: custody pending deportation, racist stop-and-search operations by police during application and the fact that refugees are not allowed to work, among other things. Almost 400 refugees from Africa searching for protection in Europe drowned off the Lampedusa shores in the past months. After initial feigned sympathy from politicians, the EU summit affirmed the homicidal isolation policy. Racism and fascism can not be prevent in an economical system based on the exploitation and oppression of people. We won’t be intimidated by repression, we will continue to fight for a society without racism, exploitation and oppression!